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define variables with !default so that we can override them

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1 parent a012741 commit 1535123b69045d4b943e35865a3d102e96153ee6 @rlivsey committed Oct 20, 2011
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34 stylesheets/compass_twitter_bootstrap/_variables.scss
@@ -4,42 +4,42 @@
// Links
-$linkColor: #0069d6;
+$linkColor: #0069d6 !default;
$linkColorHover: darken($linkColor, 15);
// Grays
-$black: #000;
+$black: #000 !default;
$grayDark: lighten($black, 25%);
$gray: lighten($black, 50%);
$grayLight: lighten($black, 75%);
$grayLighter: lighten($black, 90%);
-$white: #fff;
+$white: #fff !default;
// Accent Colors
-$blue: #049CDB;
-$blueDark: #0064CD;
-$green: #46a546;
-$red: #9d261d;
-$yellow: #ffc40d;
-$orange: #f89406;
-$pink: #c3325f;
-$purple: #7a43b6;
+$blue: #049CDB !default;
+$blueDark: #0064CD !default;
+$green: #46a546 !default;
+$red: #9d261d !default;
+$yellow: #ffc40d !default;
+$orange: #f89406 !default;
+$pink: #c3325f !default;
+$purple: #7a43b6 !default;
// Baseline grid
-$basefont: 13px;
-$baseline: 18px;
+$basefont: 13px !default;
+$baseline: 18px !default;
// Griditude
// Modify the grid styles in mixins.less
-$gridColumns: 16;
-$gridColumnWidth: 40px;
-$gridGutterWidth: 20px;
+$gridColumns: 16 !default;
+$gridColumnWidth: 40px !default;
+$gridGutterWidth: 20px !default;
$extraSpace: ($gridGutterWidth * 2); // For our grid calculations
$siteWidth: ($gridColumns * $gridColumnWidth) + ($gridGutterWidth * ($gridColumns - 1));
// Color Scheme
// Use this to roll your own color schemes if you like (unused by Bootstrap by default)
-$baseColor: $blue; // Set a base color
+$baseColor: $blue !default; // Set a base color
$complement: adjust-hue($baseColor, 180); // Determine a complementary color
$split1: adjust-hue($baseColor, 158); // Split complements
$split2: adjust-hue($baseColor, -158);

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