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This module is a very basic OpenGL code that renders a simple gridded plane as on the cover of Edward Tufte's Visual Explanations. The plane is often useful as a backdrop to simple 3D demos, and can help work through those dreaded blank screen bugs. In addition, it represents an example of basic vertex buffer object creation, population, and rendering.


To use this module, simply link it with your own code. It requires OpenGL and GLEW.

cc -o program program.c plane.c -lGLEW -lGL -lm


  • plane *plane_create(int n, float g)

    Create and return a plane structure. n gives the number of tiles in each row and column of the grid. g determines the line thickness and gives the fraction of a tile consumed by line. Tufte's grid appears to have a g value of around 0.02. The plane is oriented with the Y axis up. Each tile is one unit square in 3D space. It may be rotated, translated, and scaled normally.

  • void plane_delete(plane *P)

    Delete the plane structure and release all OpenGL resources held by it.

  • void plane_render(plane *P)

    Render the plane using OpenGL.

  • void plane_color (plane *P, const float *L, const float *F)

    Change the color of the plane. The L and F parameters each receive an array of four floats giving red, green, blue, and alpha values for the lines and fills, respectively.