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Platform for Playing and Generating Crossword Puzzles Online.
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I've always loved Crossword Puzzles and solving them by myself or with friends. To this day, the only reliable source of playable puzzles has been print media (which is, of course, all the rage in our modern age). Unable to find any refined app for collecting and playing puzzles, I figured it wouldn't be too hard to scrape puzzles from the web and channel them into a single collection for referencing and playing. In also occurred to me, in my limited research into generative machine learning models and RNN's, that it might be cool to automate the process of puzzle creation (I later learned that creating crossword puzzles is what's known in Computer Science as an NP problem, a problem for which nobody has yet found an efficient algorithmic solution, which just makes this pursuit even more intriguing). This two-pronged project has been the center of my idle tinkerings for the past few months.

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