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new class WebSocketFactory (WebSocket Wrapper) #16

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The websocket implementation as a standalone wrapper for Twisted protocols (available at ) allows us to make a twisted protocols available over websocket

I wrote a new class in order to provide this behaviour too and I submitted in theses commits

3cf7b7c → class implementation

9b32bcf → example of use

I don't know how to write tests for it, so, sorry, there are no tests for this newer class.

iuridiniz added some commits Sep 10, 2011
@iuridiniz iuridiniz new class WebSocketFactory
Factory which wraps another factory to provide WebSockets transports for
all of its protocols.
@iuridiniz iuridiniz Example of wrapping a simple Echo Protocol 9b32bcf
@iuridiniz iuridiniz undo comment flash policy server 05b031f
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