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Spring Security Core plugin is provided with English and French i18n messages.
If you want to customize or translate the texts then add messages for the following keys to your i18n resource bundle(s) for each exception:
*Message* | *Default Value* | *Exception*
springSecurity.errors.login.expired | "Sorry, your account has expired." | AccountExpiredException
springSecurity.errors.login.passwordExpired | "Sorry, your password has expired." | CredentialsExpiredException
springSecurity.errors.login.disabled | "Sorry, your account is disabled." | DisabledException
springSecurity.errors.login.locked | "Sorry, your account is locked." | LockedException | "Sorry, we were not able to find a user with that username and password." | Other exceptions
You can customize all messages in auth.gsp and denied.gsp:
*Message* | *Default Value*
springSecurity.login.title | Login
springSecurity.login.header | Please Login
springSecurity.login.button | Login
springSecurity.login.username.label | Username
springSecurity.login.password.label | Password | Remember me
springSecurity.denied.title | Denied
springSecurity.denied.message | Sorry, you're not authorized to view this page.
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