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Set ES_INDEXES to new index.

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1 parent 8c4e83e commit 7bf9256896029092afd8a2d6a97544afccea99bb @rlr committed Dec 27, 2012
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@@ -768,10 +768,10 @@ def JINJA_CONFIG():
# Connection information for Elastic
ES_HOSTS = ['']
# Indexes for reading
-ES_INDEXES = {'default': 'sumo-20121218'}
+ES_INDEXES = {'default': 'sumo-20121227'}
# Indexes for indexing--set this to ES_INDEXES if you want to read to
# and write to the same index.
-ES_WRITE_INDEXES = {'default': 'sumo-20121227'}
# This is prepended to index names to get the final read/write index
# names used by kitsune. This is so that you can have multiple environments
# pointed at the same ElasticSearch cluster and not have them bump into

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