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Open source Air Quality Monitor for community science

🇪🇸 Versión en Español


Welcome :D Check the issues labeled in yellow - 'mozsprint'!

❤️ Quick links

Link Description
ETER Main Repository Info & Issues on comms, design, translations, project management
ETER-monitor Info & Issues on air quality monitor hardware&software
Bill of Materials List of materials needed to build one air quality monitor
Architecture Diagram showing the monitor architecture
ETER-workshop Info & Issues on workshop development
ETER-game Info & Issues on game development
ETER wiki Containing project journal, useful links, info about Area Reconquista
Collaborator's Guide Want to contribute? Read this!
Code of Conduct Please read so we can all be as happy as possible <3

🎉 Welcome!

In this README file you'll find all the information about ETER project 🙌

You can scroll down and keep reading or go directly to one of the following sections:

What are we doing?

1- We are building an open source device that measures air quality (PM2.5 and PM10) together with high school teachers and community members from Area Reconquista, Buenos Aires - Argentina ETER-monitor REPO

2- We are documenting the process in an open educational resource ETER-workshop REPO

3- We are developing an online game aimed to divulgate open resources that are useful for implementing community science projects ETER-game REPO


Air pollution is an invisible threat, affecting the health of 80% of urban population1. However, public air quality data in places like Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area is inexistant. Monitoring is expensive and therefore inaccesible, and data is difficult to understand for most of the population.

We think people should be aware of the tools available that can help making their problems visible and searching for alternative local solutions. Combining low-cost sensors with free software ethics, we aim to show the potential of free/libre technologies for addressing community needs.

How can you contribute?

If you want to contribute, please check our guide for collaborators.

For us is important to keep a friendly and supportive environment within the project :) That's why we ask you to read our code of conduct, that applies both to online and offline meetings.

Who are we?

At the moment, collaborators are Julieta, Leo, Daniel, Marshmaline, Vladimir, Zeta, Nano, Patricia and Juli.

ETER was born at R'lyeh hacklab, Buenos Aires. Universidad Nacional de San Martín and Aerocene, an artists collective, are also part of ETER.

We applied to a Mozilla Science mini-grant for funding, and we got it! In case you're interested, this is the Letter of Intent we wrote for Mozilla. Juli is also attending the Mozilla Open Leaders Programme with ETER project.


If you have any question you can contact us via e-mail: or you can open an issue in GitHub if you're familiar with the procedure.

Thank you for visiting us! 🌟 💖


Open source Air Quality Monitor for community science




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