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Find file Copy path
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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) 2014-18 Richard Hull and contributors
# See LICENSE.rst for details.
Display basic system information.
Needs psutil (+ dependencies) installed::
$ sudo apt-get install python-dev
$ sudo -H pip install psutil
import os
import sys
import time
from datetime import datetime
if != 'posix':
sys.exit('{} platform not supported'.format(
from demo_opts import get_device
from luma.core.render import canvas
from PIL import ImageFont
import psutil
except ImportError:
print("The psutil library was not found. Run 'sudo -H pip install psutil' to install it.")
# TODO: custom font bitmaps for up/down arrows
# TODO: Load histogram
def bytes2human(n):
>>> bytes2human(10000)
>>> bytes2human(100001221)
symbols = ('K', 'M', 'G', 'T', 'P', 'E', 'Z', 'Y')
prefix = {}
for i, s in enumerate(symbols):
prefix[s] = 1 << (i + 1) * 10
for s in reversed(symbols):
if n >= prefix[s]:
value = int(float(n) / prefix[s])
return '%s%s' % (value, s)
return "%sB" % n
def cpu_usage():
# load average, uptime
uptime = - datetime.fromtimestamp(psutil.boot_time())
av1, av2, av3 = os.getloadavg()
return "Ld:%.1f %.1f %.1f Up: %s" \
% (av1, av2, av3, str(uptime).split('.')[0])
def mem_usage():
usage = psutil.virtual_memory()
return "Mem: %s %.0f%%" \
% (bytes2human(usage.used), 100 - usage.percent)
def disk_usage(dir):
usage = psutil.disk_usage(dir)
return "SD: %s %.0f%%" \
% (bytes2human(usage.used), usage.percent)
def network(iface):
stat = psutil.net_io_counters(pernic=True)[iface]
return "%s: Tx%s, Rx%s" % \
(iface, bytes2human(stat.bytes_sent), bytes2human(stat.bytes_recv))
def stats(device):
# use custom font
font_path = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__),
'fonts', 'C&C Red Alert [INET].ttf'))
font2 = ImageFont.truetype(font_path, 12)
with canvas(device) as draw:
draw.text((0, 0), cpu_usage(), font=font2, fill="white")
if device.height >= 32:
draw.text((0, 14), mem_usage(), font=font2, fill="white")
if device.height >= 64:
draw.text((0, 26), disk_usage('/'), font=font2, fill="white")
draw.text((0, 38), network('wlan0'), font=font2, fill="white")
except KeyError:
# no wifi enabled/available
def main():
while True:
if __name__ == "__main__":
device = get_device()
except KeyboardInterrupt:
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