Where did the status code 599 come from, and where is it used? #22

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The status code 599 is non-standard, it doesn't exist in any RFC, but it appears to be quite widely used, it's the 10th most popular status code on the website. The description I originally used came from wikipedia, now the wikipedia page has been updated with circular references, and my google searches aren't returning much useful information on where the code came from, or who's using it... but it must be someone!

Any research / input here is greatly appreciated.

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Wikipedia source in October 2015 was https://github.com/serrynaimo/http-status-singlish#599-network-connect-timeout-error-unknown although that might also be circular as it was only [citation needed] in November 2014.

In fact, there is apparently a history of circular references for 599. Here's another from 2011: https://www.flickr.com/photos/girliemac/6509400929/in/set-72157628409467125/

Here's the original revision: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_HTTP_status_codes&diff=450018623&oldid=449328516

Here's the Tornado server in 2009: tornadoweb/tornado@33c3f8d History beyond that is lost to us as it belongs in the closed-source history of Tornado, which we don't have (access to).

HTTP error integer error code, e.g. 404. Error code 599 is used when no HTTP response was received, e.g. for a timeout.

That itself may be a reason it's seen often in error aggregation services, as they report statuses seen from servers?

I have found no further reference to an HTTP error 599 before 2009 in google and mailing list archives.

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