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AWS S3 to AWStats processor

What is it?

Takes your AWS S3 logs, collates them, and then serves them via AWStats. Includes support for GeoIP (Cities / Countries) via GeoLite2.

NOTE this assumes you are using a single bucket for your logs, separate from the data bucket(s) you are logging access to.

You can use a 'prefix' (set up via your bucket configuration) to process logs separately but allow them to be written to a single bucket.

Getting started

The image has two 'components': the web server + awstats, and the log processor.

When logs are being processed, the image attempts to connect to your AWS S3 logs bucket, collate the logs, and then update the attached AWStats instance.

When the image is launched via the serve option the Apache2 instance starts listening for connections to /cgi-bin/ This can be placed behind a reverse proxy + some authentication.


Volume Purpose
/var/awstats-input Holds all the log files (new, in-progress, processed)
/var/awstats-db Holds all the AWStats data, including DNS cache file(s), log databases, etc

Environment Variables

Global variables

Name Options / Example Mandatory Purpose
AWS_AWSTATS_DRY_RUN [|true] no When set to 'true', copies (rather than moves) log files from S3. All the rest of the process executes as normal.
AWS_AWSTATS_CONFIG [|regenerate] no When set to 'regenerate', forces regeneration of awstats.conf file (see next section, as those variables will then be required)

When generating awstats.conf (or on first run):

Name Options / Example Mandatory Purpose
AWS_AWSTATS_HOSTNAME yes "Main" hostname for requests
AWS_AWSTATS_SHORTNAME mybucket yes Pretty-print the hostname on AWStats
AWS_AWSTATS_HOSTALIASES no Space-separated list of all other possible request Host headers

When executing image to process new logs:

Note that the first time this process is run, you must also specify the 'first run' variables, above

Name Options / Example Mandatory Purpose
AWS_AWSTATS_LOG_BUCKET mylogs yes Name of the bucket in which logs will be found
AWS_AWSTATS_LOG_PREFIX myprefix no S3 logs can optionally include a prefix, useful if you're logging requests from more than one bucket in the same place. Set the prefix here if you need to differentiate between logs.
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID (secret key ID) yes Self-explanatory
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY (secret key) yes Self-explanatory

Example execution

Building image

⚠️ NOTE​ Right now I am not sure whether I can distribute the GeoIP databases via this repo. Therefore, I apologise, but there's a bit of a manual process involved in grabbing the GeoIP databases and including them in this project before you can go ahead and build the image 😞

Old way of building the image:

docker build --build-arg GEOLITE_LICENSE_KEY="_THE_KEY_" -t <tag> .

Current way of building the image: download the GeoIP GeoLite2-City and GeoLite2-Country databases and place them in ./GeoIP/. Update the Dockerfile accordingly; then build:

docker build -t <tag> .

Processing logs

The following example creates a new awstats.conf file and processes log files for S3 instance mybucket placed in bucket mylogs with the logging prefix myprefix. The data files are written to a Docker volume that will be auto-created if it doesn't already exist.

docker run \
    -e AWS_AWSTATS_DRY_RUN="true" \
    -e AWS_AWSTATS_CONFIG="regenerate" \
    -e AWS_AWSTATS_SHORTNAME="mybucket" \
    -e AWS_AWSTATS_LOG_BUCKET="mylogs" \
    -e AWS_AWSTATS_LOG_PREFIX="myprefix" \
    -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID="_secret_key_id_" \
    -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY="_secret_key_" \
    -v aws-stats-01-input:/var/awstats-input -v aws-stats-01-db:/var/awstats-db <tag>

Serving logs

docker run -p 8080:80 \
    -v aws-stats-01-input:/var/awstats-input -v aws-stats-01-db:/var/awstats-db <tag> serve


Docker image for converting and serving AWS S3 logs on an AWStats instance






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