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Difficult Version (optional): Build the search results page
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Difficult Version (optional): Build the search results page


Easy Version: Build the homepage

(the simple one with just a search box).

Inside your project folder, create your index.html file

Tips: DON’T BE A PERFECTIONIST! You’re just trying to make it look like, not actually function like it and it doesn’t have to be spaced exactly the same way to the pixel. Any dropdown menus or form submissions or hover-highlighting should be ignored.

You can either download the Google logo or link directly to its URL on the web in your tag. Next do the navbar across the top, first building the content and then trying to position it. Check out how to build a horizontal CSS navbar if you’re lost.

Finally, put in the footer, which should be very similar to the top navbar. In general, do as much on your own as you can before relying on the developer tools (or viewing the page’s source code) to help you along.

Difficult Version (optional): Build the search results page

You should be able to reuse much of your code from before if you started with that project. Again, don’t worry about links to nowhere and forms that won’t submit and hard coding the search results (which you’ll have to do of course), just focus on placement and order of items on the page.

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