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2003-08-18 Support Colorspace and CompositeOp constants added in 5.5.7.
1 RMagick 1.4.0
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2003-09-18 Mention new enum implementation
2 o Implemented xMagick enumeration values as instances of an Enum
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2003-10-09 Update profile attributes, Image#profile! to use new 5.5.8 profile API,
3 class. Based on a description by Paul Brannon in ruby-talk 79041.
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2003-09-07 Updated for 1.4.0 changes
4 o Added HSLColorspace, HWBColorspace constants (IM 5.5.7, GM 1.0.2)
5 o Added CopyCyanCompositeOp, CopyMagentaCompositeOp,
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2003-09-18 Mention new enum implementation
6 CopyYellowCompositeOp, CopyBlackCompositeOp constants (IM 5.5.7)
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2003-12-13 Note addition of CopyCompositeOp constant
7 AnnotateCompositeOp. CopyCompositeOp constants (IM 5.5.8)
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2003-12-01 Add channel_extrema, extrema methods to Image class. These methods us…
8 o Added color_histogram to Image class. (IM 5.5.8, GM 1.1)
9 o Added tint method to Image class (IM 5.5.8)
10 o Added each_profile to Image class. (IM 5.5.8)
11 o Added channel_extrema and extrema methods to Image class (IM 5.5.8)
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2003-12-21 Add compare method to Image class (IM 5.5.8)
12 o Added compare method to Image class (IM 5.5.8)
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2003-08-26 Add tint method to Image class for IM 5.5.8
13 o Added get_exif_by_entry, get_exif_by_tag to Image class
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2003-09-18 Add fcmp, intensity methods to Pixel class
14 o Added fcmp, intensity to Pixel class
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2003-09-29 Integrate 1.3.1 changes
15 o Added Version_long constant
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2003-11-02 Support new AnnotateCompositeOp (5.5.8)
16 o Added border! method to Image class
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2003-11-30 Note the change to the 'fuzz' attribute in the Image and Image::Info
17 o The 'fuzz' attribute in the Image and ImageInfo classes now
18 accepts a percentage value as well as a numeric value.
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2003-12-16 Note new Geometry class
19 o Added Geometry class and changed all methods that accept a geometry
20 string to accept a Geometry object as well.
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2003-08-26 Add tint method to Image class for IM 5.5.8
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2003-12-21 Add compare method to Image class (IM 5.5.8)
22 RMagick 1.3.2
23 o Fix profile! to require only 2 arguments, as documented.
24 o Correct spelling of 'transparent' in text_antialias.rb example.
25 o Add output of `Magick-config --libs` to LIBS variable in configure
26 o Minor fixes in documentation
27 o Test with GraphicsMagick 1.0.4
28 o Test with latest ImageMagick 5.5.8 beta
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2003-09-29 Integrate 1.3.1 changes
30 RMagick 1.3.1
31 o Fixed default base URI in the links to the installed xMagick doc
32 o Applied the patch for bug #76 that caused the rubyname.rb example
33 to hang when installing on FreeBSD.
34 o Fixed the <=> method in Image to return nil when the class of the
35 other object is not Image
36 o Added code to ensure that the `text' argument to Draw#text is not
37 nil or empty
38 o Fixed the handle_error function to re-initialize the exception
39 structure after destroying its contents.
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2003-07-01 Initial revision
41 RMagick 1.3.0
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2003-07-19 Clean up
42 o Added strip!, import_pixels, export_pixels, random_channel_threshold
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2003-08-03 Rewrite 1.3.0 changes
43 to the Image class. (Available only with ImageMagick 5.5.8, which
44 is still in beta.)
45 o Added black_threshold and white_threshold to the Image class.
46 o Added format= attribute writer to the Image class
47 o Added monochrome= attribute writer to the Image::Info class
48 o Added annotate to the Image class.
49 o Made the image argument to get_type_metrics optional. (Thanks to
50 Hal Fulton for suggesting this change and the annotate change!)
51 o Enhance the read, write, and ping methods in both the Image
52 class and the ImageList class to accept an open File object as
53 well as a filename argument.
54 o Added change_geometry to the Image class
55 o Changed configure to generate top-level Makefile with install
56 and uninstall targets. (Thanks to Bob Friesenhahn for the
57 suggestion and the the Makefile!)
58 o Incorporated patch to correct problems when building
59 with Ruby 1.6.7.
60 o Added "magick_location" attribute to the ImageMagickError
61 class. (Available only with GraphicsMagick 1.1, not yet released.)
62 o Tested with ImageMagick 5.5.8 beta
63 o Tested with GraphicsMagick 1.0.2 and 1.1 snapshot
64 o Tested with Ruby 1.8.0
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2003-07-16 More 1.3.0 updates
65 o Changed to MIT license
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2003-07-01 Initial revision
67 RMagick 1.2.2
68 o Fixed many bugs in configuration script
69 o Added support for GraphicsMagick 1.0 (with assistance from Bob Friesenhahn)
70 o Changed default documentation directory (--doc-dir option default) to
71 $prefix/share/RMagick
72 o Added "examples" directory to contain example programs that aren't
73 referenced by the documentation
75 RMagick 1.2.1
76 o Yet another fix to the Cygwin installation procedure
78 RMagick 1.2.0
79 o Changed install to work correctly on Cygwin
80 (Cygwin testing by Yuki Hirakawa and David Martinez Garcia.)
81 o Changed install to support Gentoo ebuild
82 (Gentoo support provided by Tom Payne.)
83 o Changed configure script to find IM doc in IM 5.5.7
84 o Added Image#capture
85 o Added optional matte_pct argument to Image#colorize
86 o Add default argument values to Image#gaussian_blur
87 o Fix bug in Image#store_pixels that prevented it from working with
88 GIF and other PseudoClass image formats
89 o Changed Image#crop and Image#crop! to accept a GravityType constant
90 as the first argument, instead of the x- and y-offset arguments.
91 (Suggested by Robert Wagner.)
92 o Added Image::Info#filename=, image_type=
93 o Added ImageList#__map__ as an alias for Enumerable#map
94 o Added fetch, insert, select, reject methods to ImageList class for
95 Ruby 1.8.0
96 o Undefined zip and transpose methods in ImageList class for Ruby 1.8.0
97 o ImageMagick 5.5.7 supported
99 RMagick 1.1.0
100 o Fixed bug in handle_error that caused an abend when linked with IM 5.5.6
101 o Added RMAGICK image "format". When read, returns 252x108 RMagick logo
102 in PNG format.
103 o Changed examples to give all floating point constants a leading digit.
104 o Added Image#rotate!
105 o Tested with Ruby 1.8.0preview2
106 o Added Image#extract_info, Image::Info#extract=, Image::Info#scene=,
107 Image::Info#number_scenes=, Image::Info#tile=
108 o Added Draw#text_align, Draw#text_anchor, Draw#text_undercolor
109 o ImageMagick 5.5.6 supported
111 RMagick 1.0.0
112 o Fixed warnings when compiling with Ruby 1.8.0
113 o Added Draw#rotation=, rotated_text.rb
114 o Fixed temp image files in Montage_texture and Draw_composite
115 o ImageMagick 5.5.5 supported
117 RMagick 0.9.5
118 o Added channel.rb example
119 o Fixed install problems with IM 5.5.1
121 RMagick 0.9.4
122 o Cleaned up documentation.
123 o Added logging methods Magick.set_log_event_mask and Magick.set_log_format
124 o Added Magick.set_monitor
125 o Added custom serialization methods _dump and _load to Image class.
126 Added marshaling section to usage doc.
127 o Added Image#mime_type
128 o Changed install to use autoconf-generated configure script
129 o Replaced makedoc.rb with post-install.rb hook
130 o Added rmconst.rb utility script
131 o ImageMagick 5.5.4 supported
133 RMagick 0.9.3
134 o Changed ImageList#<=> to use same algorithm as Array#<=>
135 o Changed Draw class variables to class constants
136 o Fixed bug in Magick::colors method that caused some colors
137 to be repeated or missed when the optional block is used
138 o Changed fill classes to not inherit from common Fill class.
139 Removed Fill class.
140 o Improved usage documentation
141 o Added Image#level_channel, introduced with IM 5.5.3
142 o ImageMagick 5.5.3 supported
143 o Ruby 1.6.8, 1.8.0preview1 supported
145 RMagick 0.9.2
146 o Added crop!, flip!, flop!, magnify!, minify!, resize!, sample!,
147 scale!, shave!, channel_threshold methods to Image class
148 o Documented DisposeType, ColorSeparationMatteType and OptimizeType
149 constants
150 o Changed Image#<=>, ImageList#<=> to raise TypeError if the other
151 argument is not in the same class
152 o Deleted Image#==, ImageList#==, include Comparable in both classes
153 o Added Image#thumbnail, thumbnail!, adaptive_threshold for 5.5.2 & later
154 o Used image list functions in 5.5.2 & later
155 o ImageMagick 5.5.2 supported
156 o Removed last vestiges of 5.4.9 support
158 RMagick 0.9.1
159 o Added -Wl,rpath option to $LDFLAGS in extconf.rb
160 o #include <sys/types.h> in rmagick.h
161 o Changed set_cache_threshold to call SetMagickResourceLimit instead of SetCacheThreshold
162 o Changed Image_texture_flood_fill to clone texture image instead of adding a reference
163 o Many fixes to the Array methods in ImageList
164 o Defined Image#<=>, defined Image#== in terms of Image#<=>
165 o Defined ImageList#<=> in terms of Image#<=>
167 RMagick 0.9.0
168 1st beta
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