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# gem_config.rb - This script is executed by the gem command
# to generate the top-level RMagick Makefile. Ref: rmagick.gemspec
# The gem command calls us with some extra arguments we don't use.
# Filter out anything that isn't a configure option.
OPTIONS = %w{ --bindir= --sbindir=
--libexecdir= --datadir=
--sysconfdir= --sharedstatedir=
--localstatedir= --libdir=
--includedir= --oldincludedir=
--infodir= --mandir=
--disable- --enable-
--with- --without-
--help --version
--quiet --silent
--cache-file= --config-cache
--no-create --srcdir=
--prefix= --exec-prefix=
-h -V -q -C -n }.join('|')
# Accept gem's --no-rdoc option as if --disable-htmldoc had been specified.
args = []
ARGV.each do |arg|
if arg =~ /\A--no-rdoc\z/i
args << '--disable-htmldoc'
elsif arg =~ /\A(#{OPTIONS})/
args << arg
cmd = "sh configure #{args.join(' ')}"
puts "\n#{cmd}\n\n"
rc = system(cmd)
if rc
puts "RMagick configuration completed successfully."
puts "RMagick configuration failed with status #{$?.exitstatus}."
exit $?.exitstatus
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