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# Demonstrate the Draw#rotation= method by producing
# an animated MIFF file showing a rotating text string.
require 'RMagick'
include Magick
puts <<END_INFO
Demonstrate the rotation= attribute in the Draw class
by producing an animated image. View the output image
by entering the command: animate rotating_text.miff
text =
text.pointsize = 28
text.font_weight = BoldWeight
text.font_style = ItalicStyle
text.gravity = CenterGravity
# Let's make it interesting. Composite the
# rotated text over a gradient fill background.
fill =,100,100,100,"yellow","red")
bg =, 200, fill)
# The "none" color is transparent.
fg =, bg.rows) { self.background_color = "none" }
# Here's where we'll collect the individual frames.
animation =
0.step(345,15) { |degrees|
frame = fg.copy
text.annotate(frame, 0,0,0,0, "Rotating Text") {
self.rotation = degrees
# Composite the text over the gradient filled background frame.
animation << bg.composite(frame, CenterGravity, DisplaceCompositeOp)
animation.delay = 8
puts "...Writing rotating_text.gif"