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Oops. Not obsolete after all.

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rmagick committed Dec 30, 2007
1 parent 0774517 commit 2a7f728c8e1e2dc7789f577bf6fb7e4de9eee009
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+# define additional install.rb config options
+# add --allow-example-errors - default is false (only allow 5 examples to fail)
+add_bool_config('allow-example-errors', false, 'Allow installation to proceed even if a lot of examples fail')
+# add --disable-htmldoc - default is false, if true don't build doc and examples
+add_bool_config('disable-htmldoc', false, "don't build HTML doc and examples")
+# add --doc-dir - default is $prefix/share/RMagick
+add_path_config('doc-dir', "$prefix/share/RMagick", 'where to install RMagick documentation')

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