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Updated README with note that we have found a new developer.

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Hi, everyone -
-We are no longer able to maintain RMagick and are looking for someone or some people to take over maintenance of it. If you're interested or want more details, please let us know at!
+We're happy to announce that we have found a new developer for RMagick: Moncef Maiza.
-It is a cool project, written in C and Ruby, with lots of great developers relying on it. The code, originally written by Tim Hunter, is clean and easy-to-understand, and there are a lot of directions you could take it to make it even more useful.
+Please join us in welcoming him. Thank you for taking this project on, Moncef!
-We've had to stop maintaining it due to ever-increasing constraints on our time.
- Benjamin and Omer.

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