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@@ -35,44 +35,23 @@ __Email:__ <>
__RubyForge:__ <>
<h2 id="new">What's new?</h2>
-RMagick 0.0.0$ incorporates all changes and bug fixes from RMagick 1.15.12.
-* The installation procedure is pure Ruby.
-* The minimum version of Ruby is 1.8.2.
-* The minimum version of ImageMagick is 6.3.0.
-* GraphicsMagick is not supported.
-* The following GraphicsMagick-only methods are no longer available:
-Image#grayscale\_pseudo\_class, Image#statistics.
-* The following deprecated methods are no longer available:
-Image#random\_channel\_threshold, Image#channel\_threshold, Image#montage=,
-Image#image\_type=, Image::Info#tile\_info, Image#tile\_info=,
-Image::Info#tile, Image::Info#tile=, Image::Info#subimage, Image::Info#subimage=,
-Image::Info#subrange, Image::Info#subrange=, Magick.set_monitor.
-* The following methods have been added:
-Image::Info#stroke=, Image::Info#stroke\_width= and Image::Info#undercolor=,
-Draw#fill_pattern= and Draw#stroke\_pattern=, Image#destroy!, Image#destroyed?,
-Image#check\_destroyed, Magick.trace\_proc, Image.combine, Image#separate,
-Image#distort, Image#each\_pixel.
-* Magick::MaxRGB is deprecated (but still available). Use Magick::QuantumRange
-* RMagick works with the Q32 version of ImageMagick.
-Various other minor bug fixes and upgrades.
+RMagick 2.0.0 incorporates all changes and bug fixes from RMagick 1.15.13.
+See the ChangeLog for additional changes and bug fixes in later releases.
<h2 id="prereq">Prerequisites</h2>
__O/S:__ Linux, Sun Solaris, Cygwin, FreeBSD, OS X.
__Ruby__ 1.8.2 or later. You can get Ruby from <>.
+The use of versions of Ruby older than 1.8.4 is deprecated and may be
+removed in a future release.
__ImageMagick__ 6.3.0 or later. You can get ImageMagick from
<h2 id="install">Installation</h2>
-The installation procedure for RMagick 0.0.0 is different from that used
-in earlier releases. Before installing RMagick, you must install ImageMagick.
+Before installing RMagick, you must install ImageMagick.
Complete and up-to-date instructions for installing ImageMagick on Linux,
*BSD, and other *nix-type O/S's are available
at <>, steps 0, 1, 2.
@@ -89,13 +68,12 @@ specify any of these options. You can get more information about setup.rb from
his web site <>
I assume you've already decompressed the tarball, or you wouldn't be reading
-this. If you have not decompressed the tarball, do so with this command:
+this. If you have not decompressed the tarball, do so with one of these commands,
+depending on which tarball you have:
- tar xvzf RMagick-0.0.0$-tar.gz
- tar xvjf RMagick-0.0.0$-tar.bz2
+ tar xvzf RMagick-0.0.0$-tar.gz (gzipped tarball)
+ tar xvjf RMagick-0.0.0$-tar.bz2 (bzipped tarball)
+ 7z e RMagick-x.y.z.tar.lzma -so | tar xv (7zipped tarball)
Change to the RMagick-0.0.0 directory. If you are not using any
configuration options (usually you don't need to) enter the command

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