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Fix resize_to_fit example

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1 parent 24c4d9f commit 6c64e3207b86eca7efe1ea47589010417718a23f rmagick committed Jan 4, 2008
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@@ -1385,15 +1385,15 @@ <h3 id="resize_to_fit">resize_to_fit</h3>
<p class="rollover"><a href=
<!-- This img tag displays the original image when the mouse is over -->
- <img id="cropless" style="display: none" onmouseout=
- "'none';'';" src=
- "ex/images/Flower_Hat.jpg" alt="crop_resize example" title=
+ <img id="rtfless" style="display: none" onmouseout=
+ "'none';'';" src=
+ "ex/images/Flower_Hat.jpg" alt="resize_to_fill example" title=
"Click to see the example script" />
<!-- This img tag displays the framed image when the mouse is not over-->
<img style=
- "padding-left:62px; padding-right: 62px; padding-top: 87px;padding-bottom:87px;"
- id="cropped" onmouseover=
- "'none';'';" src=
+ "padding-left:69px; padding-right: 69px; padding-top: 87px;padding-bottom:87px;"
+ id="rtf" onmouseover=
+ "'none';'';" src=
"ex/resize_to_fit.jpg" alt="frame example" /></a> <img src=
"ex/images/spin.gif" alt="" style="margin-bottom: 230px" title=
"Mouse over the example to see the original image" /></p>

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