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Update for 1.6.0

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commit eb2637daa031c0bab8f039977cbe648471b53c04 1 parent bedc37e
rmagick authored
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@@ -5,6 +5,8 @@ RMagick 1.6.0
o Added trim and trim! methods to Image class
o Added each method to Enum subclasses
o Added stroke_width= attribute to the Draw class
+ o Fixed bugs #624, #642, #716, applied patch #819 (thanks to Daniel Quimper)
+ o Tested with ImageMagick 6.0.5-2, GraphicsMagick 1.1.3, Ruby 1.8.2
RMagick 1.5.0
o Added meaningful implementations of dup and clone to the Image and Draw
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