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Update for 1.9.1

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commit f584933f0400c4d43b905becab5f4264448e03e9 1 parent 0599936
rmagick authored
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@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@ RMagick 1.9.1
name and value.
o Fixed bug #2190, Image#compose now returns a CompositeOperator
o Fixed bug #2191, Image#composite no longer abends when called with 0 arguments
+ o Fixed bug #2213, ImageList#montage method no longer leaves the imagelist corrupt
+ after raising an ImageMagickError
o Feature #2159, added GrayChannel ChannelType enum value, BlendCompositeOp and
ColorBurnCompositeOp CompositeOperator enum values, RLECompression CompressionType
enum value, deprecate RunlengthCompression

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