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Update for 1.9.3

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commit cc62a447c7146706abd4cfd4b8eff4907cf81b05 1 parent dc60d50
rmagick authored
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-RMagick 1.10.0
+RMagick 1.9.3
o Feature #2521, add Image#distortion_channel method
- o Fixed bug #2546, ImageList#to_blob now correctly builds multi-image blobs
+ o Fixed bug #2546, ImageList#to_blob builds multi-image blobs again. (ImageMagick 6.2.0
+ silently broke the ImageToBlob method.) Thanks to Tom Werner for reporting this bug.
+ o Test with GraphicsMagick 1.1.7
RMagick 1.9.2
o Feature #2412, add the virtual_pixel_method attribute and the VirtualPixelMethod
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