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Update min. IM vers to use managed memory.

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commit f3243822ce48aed4a429d827cb969bb5c1900a51 1 parent 133442b
rmagick authored
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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ RMagick 2.10.0
o ImageMagick releases earlier than 6.3.5-10 and Ruby releases earlier
than 1.8.5 no longer supported.
o (Experimental) Support the use of Ruby managed memory for all memory
- allocations (available in ImageMagick 6.4.1)
+ allocations (available in ImageMagick 6.5.3-10)
o Add Image#selective_blur_channel (available in ImageMagick 6.5.0-3)
o Add new AlphaBackgroundChannel enum value (available in ImageMagick
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