RMagick thumbnail doesn't work like ImageMagick thumbnail #19

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Issue by mattneub
Tuesday Aug 16, 2011 at 00:47 GMT
Originally opened as #33

In ImageMagick I can say:

 $ convert marcelle.jpg -thumbnail 300x1000 -quality 90  -unsharp 0x.5 marcelle_th.jpg

The -thumbnail 300x1000 part means: resize proportionally, and be smaller than or equal to width 300 and height 1000. In other words, 300x1000 represents a maximal bounding box.

But in RMagick, pic.thumbnail(300,1000) does not resize proportionally - instead, it makes an image whose size is exactly 300x1000.

Of course I can work around this by using GreaterGeometry and change_geometry, but my point is that having to do so makes thumbnail kind of useless. So I suggest that the lack of match between ImageMagick's thumbnail behaviour and RMagick's thumbnail behavior is a possible bug.

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