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Annotating fails when '@' is first character #59

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Jason Salaz
Jason Salaz

I had a script in use for years that would record data from, and build an image out of various song information.

Some time ago, on the order of months, this script would keep showing the current song being played, but would simply stop working when showing historical playback data.

After poking around, it appears that this was due to a leading @ character when using the annotate method. The rest of the data following the at-symbol does not appear to have any affect.

When invoked, Ruby would return this information:

bin/lastfmsig.rb:14:in `annotate': no text (ArgumentError)
        from bin/lastfmsig.rb:14:in `text'
        from bin/lastfmsig.rb:42
        from bin/lastfmsig.rb:37:in `each'
        from bin/lastfmsig.rb:37

shell returned 1

Changing the first three characters to be " @ " (space-at-space, really any character leading besides @) appears to have fixed this issue.

Jason Salaz

This is running on a 64-bit Gentoo Virtual Server.

RMagick is version 2.13.1
ImageMagick is version 6.7.8

Benjamin Fleischer bf4 referenced this issue in gemhome/rmagick

Annotating fails when '@' is first character #38

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