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Sublime Text 2 Solutions


v0.1.13 - #35 Cycle through enum with Java capitalization

v0.1.12 - #27 Ability to autosave after incrementing

v0.1.11 - #31 ST3: Getting TypeError in console when using the number inc/dec functions

v0.1.10 - #31 ST3: Getting TypeError in console when using the number inc/dec functions

v0.1.9 - Fixed apply_integer (x -> -x when cursor before x)

v0.1.8 - #29 Fix apply_hex_color exception

v0.1.7 - #19 Swapping the color notation in CSS

v0.1.6 - #20 (upper, lower, capitalize) works on non-ascii strings

v0.1.5 - #15 Don't place action in undo history when nothing happens

v0.1.4 - #14 Saving the position of the cursors/selections on the change

v0.1.3 - added support for the mouse wheel

Increase / Decrease of

  • numbers (integer and fractional),
  • dates in ISO format YYYY-MM-DD (months from 1 to 12, days from 1 to 31),
  • hex color values (#fff or #ffffff),
  • opposite relations or cycled enumerations (true => false, Jan => Feb => Mar ...),

on the configured value

and a bonus - string actions (UPPER, lower, Capitalize)

Instead of the arrows can use your mouse wheel.

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Goto CSS declaration in an open *.css (.less, .sass, .other) file from other file (*.html, *.js, *.other_extantion)

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View image from CSS declaration, HTML <img> tag, and may be from something else :)

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