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Covers the technical documentation for RMap. Specifically, the media types, API functions, software stack, and installation
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RMap Technical Documentation

Project Description

The RMap Project was originally funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and was undertaken by the Data Conservancy, Portico, and IEEE. The goal of RMap is to make it possible to preserve the many-to-many complex relationships among scholarly publications and their underlying data, thereby supporting the continual development of scholarly communication and digital publishing. Active work on the RMap project began in April 2014. The first public production instance of RMap is hosted by the Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries and can be found at All code for RMap can be found in the RMap GitHub account.

This Documentation

Here you will find the technical documentation for the RMap Project including:

It should be noted that the documents contained in this project are continuous works-in-progress and at times they may not be fully in-sync with the latest code base.

Further Information

Below are some resources for general information about the RMap Project:

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