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<a href=""><img src="geotools-logo.png"></a>
<H1 CLASS="western">GeoTools @RELEASE@</H1>
<P>Thank you for downloading GeoTools @RELEASE@. This release was
created on @DATE@.</P>
<P>This release contains only a subset of the current GeoTools code
base. The full GeoTools code base contains additional unsupported
modules covering experiments with a range of additional data formats.
Only the modules which are considered to be stable have been included
in this release.</P>
<P>For more information, and documentation on the GeoTools library
please see the <A HREF="">GeoTools
User Guide</A>.</P>
<P>The user guide includes the following tutorials to introduce you
to GeoTools development:</P>
<LI><P><A HREF="">Quickstart</a> (<A HREF="">Eclipse
</A>, <A HREF="">Netbeans
</A> or <A HREF="">Maven</a>)</P>
<LI><P><A HREF="">Feature
<LI><P><A HREF="">Geometry
CRS Tutorial</A></P>
<LI><P><A HREF="">Query
<LI><P><A HREF="">Image
<LI><P><A HREF="">Map
Style Tutorial</A></P>
<LI>Additional <A HREF="">advanced tutorials</A> cover topics such as making your own function, process or datastore.</LI>
<P>Welcome to GeoTools development!</P>
<H2 CLASS="western">Reference</H2>
<P>For full details on requirements and build process please see the
<A HREF="">Developers'
Guide</A> (the following is provided as a quick reference only).</P>
<H3 CLASS="western">Requirements</H3>
<P>To use the GeoTools libraries you will need:</P>
<LI><P>Java 6 or higher</P>
<P>GeoTools will benefit from the inclusion of Java Advanced Imaging
(JAI) and the Java Image IO (JIO) extensions in your JRE. In addition
some formats require the ImageIO-Ext additions which explicitly
support raster formats such as MRSID and ECW. Detailed instructions
on configuring your JDK with these optional extensions can be found
in our developers guide <A HREF="">here</A>.</P>
<H3 CLASS="western">Oracle (Optional)</H3>
<P>In order to use the gt-oracle or gt-jdbc-oracle modules, you need
the Oracle JDBC driver from Oracle. Unlike most external libraries
used in GeoTools, we cannot redistribute this jar.</P>
<P>However, you can obtain them from the Oracle website, free of
charge, after registering:</P>
<LI><P><A HREF=""></A></P>
<P>Please see the developers guide for detailed instructions.</P>
<H3 CLASS="western">Building (Optional)</H3>
<P>In order to build GeoTools you will need a copy of <A HREF="">Maven
2</A>. Maven is a project management tool from the Apache group.</P>
<P>At the time of writing, the build process was known to work with
the Maven 2.2.1 release.</P>
<P>Once you have maven installed, you can perform a full build by
moving to the GeoTools folder and typing:</P>
<P STYLE="margin-left: 2cm">mvn install</P>
<P>Please read the <A HREF="">User
Guide</A> for more information about maven.</P>
<H3 CLASS="western">Getting Involved (Recommended)</H3>
<P>The <A HREF="">gt2-users
mailing list</A> is provided for general inquiries, with additional
<A HREF="">support
options</A> are available in the user guide.</P>
<P>If you are interested in the future development of GeoTools then
feel free to join the <A HREF="">geotools-devel</A>
mailing list. We welcome contributions of new modules as well as keen
developers who want to work on the project as a whole.</P>
<P>You can find out more about the mailing lists and recent news by
going to the <A HREF="">GeoTools Homepage</A>.</P>
<P>Good luck and many thanks for your interest in GeoTools,</P>
<P><I>The GeoTools Project Management Committee, Open Source
Geospatial Foundation</I></P>