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global $install;
if(!isset( $_SESSION['basic_db_info']) && $_SESSION['basic_db_info'] != "basic_summary"){
$header = $install->_include_html_header();
print $header;
<div id="ushahidi_install_container" class="advanced">
<div id="ushahidi_login_logo"><img src="../media/img/admin/logo_login.gif" /></div>
<div id="ushahidi_login">
<ol class="progress-meter clearfix">
<li class="active"><span>Database</span></li>
<li class=""><span>General</span></li>
<li class="last"><span>Finished</span></li>
<form method="POST" name="frm_install" action="process.php" style="line-height: 100%; margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0;">
<?php if ($form->num_errors > 0 ) { ?>
<div class="feedback error"><a class="btn-close" href="#">x</a>
<p>Listed below is a summary of the errors we encountered:</p>
<ul id="error-list">
print ( $form->error('username') == "" ) ? '' :
print ( $form->error('host') == "" ) ? '' :
print ( $form->error('db_name') == "" ) ? '' :
print ( $form->error('permission') == "" ) ? '' :
print ( $form->error('load_htaccess_file') == "" ) ? '' :
print ( $form->error('connection') == "" ) ? '' :
print ( $form->error('htaccess_perm') == "" ) ? '' :
print ( $form->error('config_perm') == "" ) ? '' :
<?php } ?>
<div class="feedback info">
<p>For more information, please check out <a href="" target="_blank">this article</a> on the wiki that talks about databases in more detail.</p>
<table class="form-table fields">
<th scope="row"><label for="base_path">Base Path</label></th>
<td><input type="text" value="<?php print $form->value('base_path') == "" ? $install->_get_base_path($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]) : $form->value('base_path'); ?>" size="25" id="base_path" name="base_path"/></td>
<td>The location on your server where you placed your Ushahidi files. <strong>We have automatically detected this value, please make sure that it is correct.</strong>
If the field is empty, do not worry, it means Ushahidi is installed at the top level directory.
<th scope="row"><label for="db_name">Database Name</label></th>
<td><input type="text" value="<?php print $form->value('db_name'); ?>" size="25" id="db_name" name="db_name"/></td>
<td>The name of the database you want to run Ushahidi in. </td>
<th scope="row"><label for="username">User Name</label></th>
<td><input type="text" value="<?php print $form->value('username'); ?>" size="25" id="username" name="username"/></td>
<td>Your database username.</td>
<th scope="row"><label for="pwd">Password</label></th>
<td><input type="password" value="<?php print $form->value('password'); ?>" size="25" id="password" name="password"/></td>
<td>Your database password.</td>
<th scope="row"><label for="host">Database Host</label></th>
<td><input type="text" value="<?php print $form->value('host') == '' ? 'localhost':$form->value('host'); ?>" size="25" id="host" name="host"/></td>
<td>If you are running Ushahidi on your own computer, this will more than likely be "localhost". If you are running Ushahidi from a web server, you'll get your host information from your web hosting provider.</td>
<th scope="row"><label for="table_prefix">Table Prefix</label></th>
<td><input type="text" size="25" value="<?php print $form->value('table_prefix'); ?>" id="table_prefix" name="table_prefix"/></td>
<td>Normally you won't change the table prefix. However, If you want to run multiple Ushahidi installations from a single database you can do that by changing the prefix here.</td>
<input type="hidden" name="connection" />
<input type="hidden" name="permission" />
<input type="hidden" name="load_db_tpl" />
<input type="hidden" name="load_htaccess_file" />
<input type="hidden" name="config_perm" />
<input type="hidden" name="htaccess_perm" />
<table class="form-table">
<td class="next"><!--<input type="button" class="button" value="&larr; Previous" />--></td>
<td class="prev"><input type="submit" id="install" name="basic_db_info" value="Continue &rarr;" class="button" /></td>
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