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☑️ A jQuery plugin that gives you nice powers over your checkboxes.
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checkboxes.js – A jQuery plugin that gives you nice powers over your checkboxes

Build Status


With NPM:

npm install checkboxes.js --save

With bower:

bower install checkboxes --save


  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Then include jquery.checkboxes-###.min.js just after jQuery.


  • Check all checkboxes in context.
  • Uncheck all checkboxes in context.
  • Toggle states of all checkboxes in context.
  • Enable range selection.
  • Limit the number of checked checkbox per context.
  • Data API like Twitter Bootstrap.

Documentation and examples

Want to contribute?

All help are more than welcome!


Development Workflow

  1. Fork this respository.

  2. Clone your fork and create a feature branch from develop.

    git clone<your-username>/checkboxes.js.git
    git fetch origin
    git checkout develop
    git checkout -b feature-<super-power>
  3. Install development dependencies.

    npm install
    bower install
  4. Code and be happy!

  5. Test your code (run grunt to watch JS files and execute the test specs).

  6. When everything is in good shape prepare the distribution files (run grunt build).

  7. Submit a pull request and grab popcorn.

Questions? Hit me.


When coding run grunt, this will watch for any change in source and test files, then it will lint and test your code as you code.


To run all tests:

grunt test


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