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the source for the website
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this project contains the source for the website.

to run locally

create a python venv

python3 -m venv venv
. venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

to run with docker

build your docker container

docker build -t sail_lanier .  # add --no-cache to force a complete rebuild

set up an alias to easily launch the docker container:

alias sail_lanier-shell='docker run -ti -e AWS_PROFILE=sail_lanier -v ~/projects/sail_lanier/sail_lanier/:/var/task -v ~/.aws/:/root/.aws -p --rm sail_lanier'

run the shell


create a fresh database

note that you must run . venv/bin/activate before interacting with

create a database

./ migrate --settings=sail_lanier.settings.base

add an admin user

./ createsuperuser --settings=sail_lanier.settings.base

start the server

cd sail_lanier
./ runserver --settings=sail_lanier.settings.base  # add '' to listen on all interfaces

if everything goes as planned your site should be available on

managing the production instance

in order to manage the production and development instance, you must have AWS IAM credentials and the or config file.

to recertify

zappa certify prod

to update the lambda function

zappa update prod

to update static files

./ collectstatic

useful URLs

technologies this project makes use of:

things preventing us from upgrading

  • zappa-django-utils (required for s3 sqlite3 database) requires python 3.6
  • django 2.2.1 requires sqlite 3.8.2, the lambci docker image uses 3.7.17 (use django 2.1.8 for now)
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