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DRC and Gazebo ROS packages: initial tests


To develop software tools to implement the algorithms proposed in the work .


The algorithms proposed in the work were implemented using ROS (Robotic Operating System)-Fuerte running in a Ubuntu 12.04 Precise. The result of the work is visualized using the Gazebo 1.7 version with ROS interfaces. The robotic platform considered in this work was the DARPA ATLAS robot, which was simulated using the ROS package DRCsim 2.5 (DARPA Robotic Challenge simulator).

The main modules of the work (haptic stimulus defintion, sensory signals generation, perceived haptic stimulus map, next motor target location estimation, inverse kinematics, detailed motion planning and execution) were implemented as ROS packages.

Demonstrations of the ATLAS robot performing some exploration tasks (initial tests to the ROS packages that were implemented):

alt text

Demo video 02:

alt text