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Human demonstration - dexterous manipulation of a lab pipette


Acquisition of datasets to the HANDLE project database in order to the HANDLE partners implement learning-by-demonstration approaches to endow the SHADOW robotic hand and arm with equivalent skills.

The datasets consist in the observation of the human demonstrations of dexterous manipulation of laboratory pipettes from two different perspectives captured by two monocular RGB cameras.

The datasets need to be manually annotated frame by frame by several partners of the HANDLE project.

Fast visualization of the contents of the datasets.


240 datasets: 12 different people performing 4 dexterous manipulation tasks (Scenario 1: Pipette - Pick Stand, Place Stand; Scenario 2: Pipette - Pick Stand, Place Stand - No thumb; Scenario 3: Pipette - Pick Stand, Place Table; Scenario 4: Pipette - Pick Stand, Place Table - No thumb) using a laboratory pipette to move liquids between two containers. - Request access to HANDLE project database here.

MATLAB annotation (frame-by-frame) tool. Annotation dictionary available in the interface. Export the annotation in plain text or XML format. MATLAB code available here. Demonstration video:

Demo video 01:

alt text

Fast preview video for each dataset. Synchronized views from two different monocular RGB cameras. MATLAB code available here. Demonstration video: Demo video 02:

alt text

Robotic platforms performing the dexterous manipulation of a laboratpry pipette. Dissemination videos of HANDLE project (Euronews, European Commission, ...):

Demo video 03:

alt text

Demo video 04:

alt text