Python scripts to reverse lookup hashes
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Python scripts to perform reverse lookups on hashes in the following encryptions:

  • MD5
  • SHA1
  • SHA224
  • SHA256
  • SHA385
  • SHA512
  • Base16
  • Base32
  • Base64


Be aware this is my first Python project, it's kinda quirky but it works for now. As such please let me know any comments you have so that I can improve :)

  1. Build your database by running
    • At the moment this is unthreaded and saves records to the database every 50 records - so watch out if you make searches while it's generating as the database will lock up.
    • Note that the default charset is very long and will take a long time to complete :)
  2. Search using
  3. Check the number of rows stored using
  4. Check out the last 10 inserted rows using