Simple Javascript webcam broadcaster demo
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A webcam demo using the getUserMedia JavaScript API, node.js and

Mainly inspired by Francis Shanahan's blog post. The differences are that my version uses a single page for receving and sending and uses

Tested receiving in Chrome (desktop) and sending in Opera Mobile (at time of writing the only Android browser to support this, Chrome for Android should soon).

To configure for your own domain:

  • Edit web.js (serves publically-accessible content) to update the port you want to listen on (default: 8080).
  • Edit server.js (receives and broadcasts images) to update the port you want this server to listen on (default: 8081).
  • Edit index.html to update the SERVER_URL to point where server.js is running.

To use, run both node.js servers, visit the page hosted by web.js on a mobile browser supporting getUserMedia (Opera Mobile) and one or more other browsers (that are not sending images).


  • Send the image size to automatically re-size the resulting image.
  • What happens when there is more than one sender?
  • Play with the rate at which images are sent.
  • Stream it as an actual video, rather than snapshots?
  • Ability to select different camera devices on the sender (if available)?