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This is a module for managing element attributes.

Here's a little demo.


Toggle the class of a hamburger menu:


Highlight required form elements:


Set a image's alt text:

           'This image is very good.',




The has, set, add, remove, and toggle methods all take the same three parameters: an element or list of elements, an attribute value or list of values, and an attribute name or list of names. The replace method is similar except it accepts two lists of attribute values -- it will remove the first and add the second -- before the attribute name, for a total of four possible parameters.

For each method, the first two parameters (three for replace) are required. The third (fourth for replace) is optional. If it not given, then the values will be applied to the currently-set attribute.

By default, Clattr operates on the class attribute. You can change the attribute that Clattr operates on with the setAttr method. Give it any string or array of strings. You can change back to the default "class" attribute with the resetAttr method, which takes no parameters.

So calling

Clattr.add(document.getElementById('bam'), 'boom')

will add "boom" to the class list of the element ID'd "bam", and

Clattr.add(document.getElementsByTagName("p"), ['boom', 'room'])

will add "boom" and "room" to the class list of each p element in the document. If the element(s) lack a "class" attribute, then one will be added.

Aside from the boolean returned by the has method, each return value indicates whether the named action occurred on the given element(s) for each of the given values. So add called with a list of elements and a list of values will return true only if each value was added to each element. The method will not add a duplicate class name to the element's list, so if a duplicate occurs, then add will return false, though the method will effectively ensure that each of the given class names are on each of the given elements.

The exception to this MO is toggle, which will run through the given class names and remove those it currently has and add those it doesn't. If all of the given class name(s) are added to all of the given elements, then it will return true.


For managing element attributes.



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