Scrapy project based on dirbot to show how to use Twisted's adbapi to store the scraped data in MySQL.
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This is a Scrapy project to scrape websites from public web directories.

This project is only meant for educational purposes.


The items scraped by this project are websites, and the item is defined in the class:


See the source code for more details.


This project contains one spider called dmoz that you can see by running:

scrapy list

Spider: dmoz

The dmoz spider scrapes the Open Directory Project (, and it's based on the dmoz spider described in the Scrapy tutorial

This spider doesn't crawl the entire site but only a few pages by default (defined in the start_pages attribute). These pages are:

So, if you run the spider regularly (with scrapy crawl dmoz) it will scrape only those two pages.


Filtering by words

A pipeline to filter out websites containing certain forbidden words in their description. This pipeline is defined in the class:


Requiring certain item fields

A pipeline to discard items that lack of certain fields. This pipeline is defined in the class:


Storing items in a MySQL database

A pipeline to store (insert or update) scraped items in a MySQL database. This pipeline is defined in the class:


The database schema is defined in db/mysql.sql and the settings file contains the default MYSQL_* settings values. The scraped items will be stored in the website database table.


It is required to have set up the database schema before running the spider.