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[ ! -d debian-packages ] && mkdir debian-packages
echo "uptating unstable packages files...."
wget --quiet -O debian-packages/main-unstable.gz
wget --quiet -O debian-packages/contrib-unstable.gz
wget --quiet -O debian-packages/nonfree-unstable.gz
echo "done."
echo "uptating testing packages files...."
wget --quiet -O debian-packages/main-testing.gz
wget --quiet -O debian-packages/contrib-testing.gz
wget --quiet -O debian-packages/nonfree-testing.gz
echo "done"
echo "uptating stable packages files...."
wget --quiet -O debian-packages/main-stable.gz
wget --quiet -O debian-packages/contrib-stable.gz
wget --quiet -O debian-packages/nonfree-stable.gz
echo "done"
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