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Requests has a hook system that you can use to manipulate parts of the request process along with internal transport hooks.

Check out the [API documentation for Requests_Hooks][requests_hooks] for more information on how to use the hook system.

Available Hooks

  • requests.before_request

    Alter the request before it's sent to the transport.

    Parameters: string &$url, array &$headers, array|string &$data, string &$type, array &$options

  • requests.before_parse

    Alter the raw HTTP response before parsing

    Parameters: string &$response

  • requests.after_request

    Alter the response object before it's returned to the user

    Parameters: Requests_Response &$return

  • curl.before_request

    Set cURL options before the transport sets any (note that Requests may override these)

    Parameters: cURL resource &$fp

  • curl.before_send

    Set cURL options just before the request is actually sent via curl_exec

    Parameters: cURL resource &$fp

  • curl.after_request

    Alter the raw HTTP response before returning for parsing

    Parameters: string &$response

  • fsockopen.before_request

    Run events before the transport does anything

  • fsockopen.after_headers

    Add extra headers before the body begins (i.e. before \r\n\r\n)

    Parameters: string &$out

  • fsockopen.before_send

    Add body data before sending the request

    Parameters: string &$out

  • fsockopen.after_send

    Run events after writing the data to the socket

  • fsockopen.after_request

    Alter the raw HTTP response before returning for parsing

    Parameters: string &$response

Registering Hooks

Note: if you're doing this in an authentication handler, see the Custom Authentication guide instead.

In order to register your own hooks, you need to instantiate Requests_hooks and pass this in via the 'hooks' option.

$hooks = new Requests_Hooks();
$hooks->register('requests.after_request', 'mycallback');

$request = Requests::get('', array(), array('hooks' => $hooks));
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