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WordPress OAuth Provider

This is a WordPress plugin to enable your WordPress installation to act as an OAuth provider. This plugin is an internal plugin, in that you need to add most of the relevant OAuth endpoints yourself, with only user-facing pages set up.

This plugin is best used in conjunction with an API server linked into WordPress, enabling use of the API server via OAuth authentication.


See example-implementer.php


This project is licensed under the new BSD license, and is copyright 2012 Ryan McCue.


The OAuth tokens and nonces are stored using the WordPress transient and option APIs, enabling easy integration with existing object caching solutions, such as APC and memcache.

  • Tokens
    • Request tokens: Prefixed with wpoa_rt_, stored as transients
    • Access tokens: Prefixed with wpoa_at_, stored as options
  • Nonces: Prefixed with wpoa_n_


Why is this totally broken?

Are you using APC with an object caching plugin? Check that it's up-to-date, as older versions of APC have a bug which will break this plugin.