An application for android that allows users to share workout routines with one another
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The Workinator is an android application that uses a webserver (PHP/MySQL) to allow users to share workout routines with one another. The application has a lot of room for expansion and I hope to get back to working on this once I have finished working on my iOS application.

Current State

As of right now, the application created has 3 main options that can be accessed from the main screen: Submit Workout, Search for Workout, and View Exercises and they will be explained as follows

Submit Workout

As of right now this screen allows users to choose from an array of workouts and upon finalizing the list, the user has the option to submit to the webservice or clear the list and recreate it.

Search for Workout

From this screen, the user has an option to search for a workout, or simply browse all available routines that have been submitted. This section needs a lot of work in order to increase the UX.

View Exercises

This screen allows users to view all of the exercises that are available within the application by muscle group. This area still needs work developing a description for all of the exercises.