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SO-shovel is an application to process Stackoverflow dump, normalize it and extract data that can be used during analysis of errors in the logs of different applications. SO-shovel written in javascript and can be run with NodeJS. It has web GUI developed with ReactJS, Typescript, webpack and Bootstrap.

Dump format

SO-shovel assumes that SO dump corresponds to a certain format.

Building the application

Before starting the application you need to build it. Client side code written in typescript will be translated into javascript with webpack and babel.

$ npm run build

Starting the application

$ node app.js

Checking if application works


Configuration file format

  "port": 1337, // port to listen on
  "mongoose": {
    "uri": "mongodb://localhost:27017/rd-stackoverflow" // uri to connect to MongoDB
  "filters": {
    "questions": {
      "tags": [ // tags to filter questions by
      "scoreThreshold": 5, // score threshold to filter questions by
      "favoriteCount": 10, // favorite count threshold to filter questions by
      "userReputation": 300 // user reputation threshold to filter questions by
    "answers": {
      "scoreThreshold": 0, // score threshold to filter answers by
      "favoriteCount": 0 // favorite count threshold to filter answers by
  "fields": [ // order of fields to write into CSV file in
  "separator": ",", // separator to use on writing normalized data in CSV file
  "normalizedDumpFilepath": "/media/dmitry/2E4AB1034AB0C8BB/PFT/normalized-dump.csv", // path to the file where normalized data will be stored
  "dumpFilepath": "/media/dmitry/2E4AB1034AB0C8BB/PFT/Posts.xml", // path to the file with SO dump
  "usersDumpFilepath": "/media/dmitry/2E4AB1034AB0C8BB/PFT/Users.xml" // path to the file with SO users dump

Format of CSV file with normalized data

Field Description
id Message identifier in SO database. Can be used for mapping or as meta data.
body Body of message with HTML tags.
tags list of tags message marked with.
ownerUserReputation Reputation of the user that created a question


Method URI Description
GET /api Checks if REST API is working
POST /api/posts Accepts message as JSON and stores it in MongoDB
GET /api/dump/info Retrieves info about last installed SO dump
GET /api/dump/installed Retrieves info about installed SO dump
GET /api/config Retrieves app configuration
GET /api/update-dump Triggers dump update
GET /api/write-csv Triggers writing of normalized dump into CSV file

How to update SO dump

  1. Download dump manually from
  2. Unzip it and place somewhere. Let's call this location ${dump_path}
  3. Make sure ${dump_path} written in dumpFilepath property of configuration file
  4. Click on button "Update SO dump" or send GET request to /api/update-dump
  5. SO-shovel checks and compares last modification date and dump size in it with ones of loaded dump. If they are different the dump will be loaded
  6. In case the dump is loading you should wait for update to complete


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