Bukkit plugin for automatically refereeing competitive Minecraft matches.
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AutoReferee Travis Build Status for AutoReferee

Competitive Minecraft Made Easy!

Follow us on dev.bukkit.org!

Join us for support at #autoreferee on freenode.

AutoReferee, in cooperation with RMCT and Major League Mining: A plugin to automatically referee Race for Wool (and other competitive Minecraft) matches. Automatically handles maps, teams, regions, end conditions, match statistics, and much more.

Mapmakers: Once you have built your map and configured it for use with Autoreferee, the plugin will place a special configuration file directly into your world folder for you to package and distribute with your map. The configuration file configures AutoReferee automatically when your map is loaded. Please refer to the documentation regarding this configuration file.

Note: This plugin uses WorldEdit for map configuration. Server operators need not run WorldEdit on their server, but to configure a map for use with AutoReferee, WorldEdit is required.

Plugin Statistics via mcstats.org

If you like AutoReferee, consider donating a few dollars to help pay for map serving and hosting. Money raised will go directly to sustaining this plugin.