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A simple text-based adventure system written for Python 2.7.

Building TextVentures

TextVentures uses distutils for building and distributing the code. The tools directory contains several custom build tools (such as translation compilation scripts). Some of these tools are executed automatically when a setup command is issued (i.e. buil_trans is executed with the build command).

Direct build

The setup script will allow you to build the code by navigating to the source root and typing:

$ python setup.py build

This will result in a new directory named build that contains a ready to go copy of TextVentures.

NOTE: trying to create a distribution package is not yet supported.

Compile translations

The translations used for TextVentures are located in the po directory. If you want/need to only compile these translations, type:

$ python setup.py build_trans

The resulting .mo files can be located under build/textventures/locale/.

Running TextVentures

In order to run TextVentures, simply navigate to the build directory (after successufully building the source) and type:

$ python play_textventures.py