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Zoe todo Agent version

Let Zoe manage your task lists.

List structure

List files follow a very simple structure in which each line represents a task and the tasks have a mark at the beginning on the line indicating whether the task has been done or not. For instance:

[ ] Buy food
[ ] Dominate the world
[ ] Walk the dog
[X] Phone Mom

In this list, there are three tasks that are not checked/done (Buy food, Dominate the world and Walk the dog), while one other task has been checked/completed (Phone Mom).

Also note that tasks are automatically ordered alphabetically and that the checked tasks are always below the unchecked ones.

Where are my lists?

The agent stores lists inside directories in the path etc/todo/USER, where USER is the user identification in the Zoe configuration file. This way, a single user may have several lists in their directory and change between them easily.