An agent manager for Zoe
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Zoe Agent Manager Agent version

An agent manager for Zoe.


This agent requires git in order to work.


  • Clone or download the source code from this repository.

  • Open a terminal in the directory in which you downloaded the source and run the following:


$ chmod +x zam/preinst

$ zam/preinst

This will download the dependencies and create the configuration directories. Check that the etc/zam/list file contains only one entry named [zam].

  • Move the agents directory into ZOE_HOME/

  • Move the cmdproc directory into ZOE_HOME/

  • Add the following to the etc/zoe.conf file (you can choose the port):

[agent zam]
port = YOUR_PORT
  • Next time you start the server, the agent should be up and running.

What can the agent do?

The etc/zam/ directory contains the agent's configuration files, including a list of agents and their files.

  • The etc/zam/list file is a list of agents for which the source URL is known and their status (installed, version).

  • The etc/zam/info directory can contain two types of files: the *.conffiles contain a list of configuration files for the agent. These files will only be removed if the agent is uninstalled using purge. The *.list contain a list of regular files for the agent. These files are removed when uninstalling an agent normally.

Now, for a proper list of actions:

  • add an agent to the repository (without installing)
  • clean the temporary directory
  • install an agent
  • launch an agent (done automatically when an agent is installed)
  • purge an agent, removing/uninstalling it and all its configuration files
  • remove/uninstall an agent
  • remove an agent from the agent list
  • restart a running agent
  • stop a running agent
  • update an agent

For examples and more information on the commands, please check the wiki.

That's nice, but how do I make my agent installable?

Again, check the wiki :)