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Provides access to gcloud, the command line cli of Google Cloud to manage cloud resources.


Add this library to the classpath:

buildscript {
	dependencies {
		classpath '<VERSION>'


A setup of Kubernetes with Google Cloud can looks as follows:

apply plugin: 'kubectl'
apply plugin: 'gcloud'

kubectl {
	url = ''
	namespace = 'default'
	insecureSkipTlsVerify = false

gcloud {
	keyFile = file("$projectDir/src/main/config/gcloud.key")
	zone = 'europe-west3-c'
	project = '...'
	gke {
		clusterName = 'sb4bdemo'
		imageName = 'google/cloud-sdk'
		version = '159.0.0'
  • gcloud.key stores the service account credentials of Google Cloud.
  • the gcloud plugin will reconfigure the kubectl plugin to share the same docker image in order to work together to perform authentication with glcoud.

To setup a service account use:

Make sure the service account also has the proper Kubernetes credentials, like:

./kubectl create clusterrolebinding your-user-cluster-admin-binding --clusterrole=cluster-admin

For an example app have a look at[crnk-example] how to deploy to Google Cloud with Kubernetes and Helm.


gcloud offers three Gradle tasks:

  • gcloudActivateServiceAccount to perform the login.
  • gcloudGetKubernetesCredentials to get the .kubeconfig to start working the kubectl plugin.
  • gcloudSetProject called implicitly as dependency to set the current project.


A wrapper cloud will be generated into the project root to allow easy access from the command line next to Gradle tasks.

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