Complete Wakanda Template, Ready for Web and Mobile: Angular 4 + Bootstrap + Grid + Login + Register (to be used with the backend template
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Complete Wakanda Template: Angular 4 + Bootstrap + Grid + Login + Register (to be used with the backend template

You should be able to run this example in less than 5 mins after the installation !

Once you have installed (see below) you will be able to start any project with a responsive layout, authentication, login and register ready to use, grids and crud operations that will show you how to get the best from Wakanda and Angular.

This is also a great template to learn web development, using the Wakanda Studio you will be able to modiy the code and see in real time the changes. Start your web app now !

Installation (for Wakanda 2.2 or higher)

  1. Copy the folder /Angular4-Inspinia-Employee-Company to your local machine at Documents/Wakanda/templates/web/Angular4-Inspinia-Employee-Company

That is it :)

Installation (for Wakanda 2.0 or 2.1x)

  1. The template folder will be located at the Wakanda Studio files. Please cd to where you have installed your Wakanda Studio (windows or Mac)

  2. Copy the folder /Angular4-Inspinia-Employee-Company to [your Wakanda Studio Location]/Contents/Extensions/wakanda-extension-templates/templates/web/Angular4-Inspinia-Employee-Company

That is it :)

How to create a Solution with this CRUD template:

  1. Open Wakanda Studio
  2. Create a new Solution.
  3. In the backend dialog, choose "Login Emp-Comp Gen" (if you do not have this option, install the backend template
  4. In the Web dialog, choose "Angular 4 Inspinia Company"
  5. Hit the button create
  6. Once the project is created, just click the button Run !

Enjoy your template.

More info

You can get more info about the Login code at this other repository

Or you can book a one-on-one demo with me where I will go through the details of this implementation :