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Matlab Version of xtractomatic package (revised 8 July 2016) - Alpha quality - see below

xtractoMatlab contains Matlab functions developed to subset and extract satellite and other oceanographic related data from a remote server. The program can extract data for a moving point in time along a user-supplied set of longitude, latitude and time points; in a 3D bounding box; or within a polygon (through time). The xtractoMatlab functions were originally developed for the marine biology tagging community, to match up environmental data available from satellites (sea-surface temperature, sea-surface chlorophyll, sea-surface height, sea-surface salinity, vector winds) to track data from various tagged animals or shiptracks (xtracto). The package has since been extended to include the routines that extract data a 3D bounding box (xtracto_3D) or within a polygon (xtractogon). The xtractoMatlab package accesses data that are served through the ERDDAP (Environmental Research Division Data Access Program) server at the NOAA/SWFSC Environmental Research Division in Santa Cruz, California. The ERDDAP server can also be directly accessed at ERDDAP is a simple to use yet powerful web data service developed by Bob Simons.

To download either clone using Git, or just click on the button to download a zip of the files. Requires a version of Matlab that supports webread, websave and weboptions. The file vignette.m contains code that executes all of the examples in the R xtractomatic package ( A pdf version of the R vignette can be downloaded from or email me at

This is considered alpha quality at the moment. It can run the examples in the vignette.m file but otherwise has not been extensively tested.

Revision notes 8 July 2016

  • Fixed a problem with webread starting with R2016a that broke all the routines
  • Added a few datasets
  • Added what I hope is a public domain version of mad, so tha the Stat toolbox is not required.

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