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To build this code, run the following commands:

erlc -o ./simple_cache/ebin ./simple_cache/src/*.erl
erlc -o ./resource_discovery/ebin ./resource_discovery/src/*.erl

Then run the following (all on a single line) to generate the .boot file:

erl -pa ./simple_cache/ebin -pa ./resource_discovery/ebin -eval 'systools:make_script("simple_cache", [local])' -s init stop

First start one or two contact nodes. Ensure that the node names
in the sys.config files match your host name, and/or use -sname
instead of -name. For example, do:

erl -sname contact1 -detached

Then, start the system like this (all on a single line):

erl -sname mynode -pa ./simple_cache/ebin -pa ./resource_discovery/ebin/ -boot ./simple_cache -config sys

(Recall that the initial node discovery waits a few seconds at startup.)

You can now e.g. run appmon:start() to inspect your running system.
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