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A super lightweight and modular CMS built on NodeJS, Express and CouchDB
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A super lightweight and modular blogging engine or content management system built on NodeJS, Express and CouchDB. Its main aim is to be the go to CMS for NodeJS users.


  • Super lightweight (< 150 kb) with optional expansion through plugins
  • Ultra-themeable on the front and back for designers
  • Built with NodeJS and CouchDB
  • Made to be hackable and licensed under the MIT License


Version 0.1

  • Human readable creation times using Moment.js
  • Ability to view single posts
  • Rich text support with a custom WYSIWYG editor (a Markdown editor is on its way)
  • Friendly URLs, post IDs and CouchDB document IDs with slugs
  • A primitive admin area for adding and editing posts (go to '/admin' to take a look)
  • New default front-end theme called "Soothe"

Write Relaxed.

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